Pick your favorite songs - have fun singing along - get your friends up to dance

Are you a small or a large company trying to organize your Christmas staff party and find it hard to come up with a genius idea for a fun entertaining evening???

Last year over 200 people had an exciting evening, so don't miss out on this years festivities!!! 

And what more....We organize everything for you :)



Terry Hoknes is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and music producer.

Full time music performer and traveling musician for 30 years and has performed over 2,000 gigs.

Since the age of 10 Terry Hoknes has devoted his life to music. What started with piano lessons and singing along with Beatles records led to a professional career in various aspects of the music business.

He has performed throughout Australia, France, Canada and the USA. Over the years he has performed virtually every type of music including: pop, country, rock, blues, punk, jazz, classical, bluegrass, rap, heavy metal, alternative, musicals.

Has written over 1,100 songs and has hundreds of music videos online. 

Terry has been nominated for musician of the year 17 times at the SCMA (Saskatchewan Country Music Association) since 1993.

Terry Hoknes on the Strolling Piano music request show Saskatoon Exhibition 2019 Dueling Pianos 

Dueling Pianos Show Staqatto Saskatoon Terry Hoknes & Neil Currie My Own Way To Rock 



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