The Chamber of Commerce has always stood for promoting business; monitoring municipal, provincial and federal government; and championing managed growth in the local economy. 
By investing in your local chamber of commerce, you invest in your own prosperity - both as a businessperson and as a member of the community.

What We Do

The Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business. We are a catalyst - a common vehicle mobilizing enlightened members from all segments of the business community. With the aim of achieving economic success, staff, volunteers and business people strive to keep their area's economic conditions at a level where businesses and residents willingly and enthusiastically risk their capital in their community in the hope of making a profit. Everything else the Chamber does is a means to an end (events, mixers, fundraisers and meetings.)


Who Runs The Chamber

A Board of Directors, elected by the chamber of commerce's members, runs the organization. The Board, employs an adminstrative head. 


Mission Statement


Working Together as a Team to Build a Better and More Effective Bussiness Community. 



Dave Allan


Peter Jonk

I moved to Grimshaw from Westlock in 1991 to operate our family alfalfa plant.  In 1999 opened my business, Performance North Ltd., which provides trucking services, construction services & camp rentals. 


I am on my second term as a councillor for the Town of Grimshaw and am also the Vice-President of the Grimshaw Chamber of Commerce.  I volunteer for a lot of organizations in the community and believe it is important to have a strong & active chamber of commerce in all communities.


John Clague 


Open Position 

Over the years I has been active in Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Lions Clubs, and Director of Motor Dealers Association and supported many Community events.

Junction John has been the owner, general manager for 39 years of the local Ford dealership (Junction Motors)

Over the years the dealership has expanded from one location on Main Street to two locations a Service Centre on Main Street, and a Sales Centre on the highway.



Crystal Szmata


Dan Dibbelt

Kristy Moskalyk

Roxanne Alexander

Terry Websdale

Bob Regal - Town rep

Sandra Eastman - MD rep

Executive Director

Debie Knudsen
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